Tracky is a free app for your POS systems to issue coupons on your website and track the resulting sales in your retail stores.

About Tracky

Offline Conversion Tracking means, that you measure the sales that happen in your retails stores after users have seen or clicked on your ads. In contrast to online conversion tracking, the user does not make the purchase on a device that could be tracked, but instead in the real world, by paying with cash or card. To enable offline conversion tracking, it is required, to identify know the online advertising click ID or the email address of the customer, when he makes an offline purchase. If the customer identifies with his loyalty card, the email address from the customer account can be used. If this is not the case, you can use digital coupons to identify customers. Digital coupons enable storing the digital user profile in the coupon when it gets issued online. And when users redeem it in a store, the required information about the user is available and can be reported to online advertising systems.